Written by twelve

A responsible approach

Bankmecu is Australia’s first customer owned bank. They offer customers a more responsible approach to banking by designing banking products and services that support customers achieving their financial goals while also helping them take steps to live more sustainably.

bankmecu’s aim was to produce a report that integrated financial and non-financial performance against its business strategy, while maintaining accuracy, transparency, accountability and communicating performance on material issues of importance to stakeholders.

The challenge was to make the annual reports more accessible and engaging to their customers. We developed the theme ‘Our place’ which reinforced the brand message that the bank has a ‘responsible approach’ and is 100% customer owned.

An HTML microsite was created which included a specific smart phone version with easily accessible key information.

The online report included video and social media links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as a ‘compile your own report’ tool. Other best practice features included a clickable GRI table, a feedback form, speech recognition coding, search function and text enlargement tools.

The site was supported by a 16 page printed summary annual report and 40 page full statutory financial report.


“Twelve are to be commended for their professionalism, service and end product.

Twelve have a very good understanding of sustainability/annual reporting, including financial data communication (statutory reporting) and knowledge of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Their understanding assisted bankmecu produce what we consider to be our best report yet. Thank you for all your hard work Twelve!”

Nikki Jordan, Coordinator – Sustainability Risk, bankmecu