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Corporate comms to combat coronavirus

If Australia is to avoid a second outbreak of coronavirus infections after lockdowns ease, experts have identified the following key focus areas:

  • improvements in communication
  • personal protective equipment training
  • initial infection responses
  • and social distancing

(Source: www.theguardian.com).

There are higher authorities when it comes to PPE training, infection response and social distancing, but improvements in communication, particularly as it relates to corporate communications is our bread and butter.

There is a heightened need for clear employer messaging and communication protocols between state health authorities, employers, employees and labour hire companies says Peter Collignon, a professor of infectious diseases at the Australian National University. He thinks the “communication chain needs to be better than what’s occurred in the past”.

At Twelve Creative, we believe all communication design should be underpinned by clarity, consistency, accuracy, and accessibility.

Clarity – communicating your message simply and succinctly.

Consistency – ensuring all messaging is on the same page, across all channels.

Accuracy – ensuring your information is from a reputable source and is up to date.

Accessibility – not only ensuring your messaging is reaching your desired audience through multiple channels (think social media, eDM, and printed collateral), but that it is accessible to those with hearing and sight impediments.

The stakes are high. If you think you could use a hand (albeit a socially distanced one) to communicate effectively with your employees, speak to the experts – we’d love to help.

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