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Cultural revolution

We’ve been busy this month – and amongst other projects, we’re delighted to have been engaged to conduct a brand refresh for WillyLitFest (Williamstown Literary Festival).

WillyLitFest is the biggest writers festival in Melbourne’s western suburbs and will be celebrating it’s first decade in 2013. The 2013 festival, held in May, promises rich literary pickings, loads of laughs and plenty of fun.There is a product which works and even though the choice to not pursue real-money isn’t forever from the table, Zynga is in the centre of a substantial platform transition at this time.We’ll keep you posted.

Are planning a rebrand or brand refresh?

There are many reasons for considering a brand refresh or a rebrand of a business. Reasons are varied, it maybe that two organisations have merged or  a company has significantly expanded its offering or perhaps your current brand simply doesn’t reflect what you do anymore or has become outdated.

A brand is about everything a business is and does. Your company has an important story that deserves to be told well.

Twelve deliver big agency process, strategy and flexibility that only an owner-operated agency can provide.

Over the past 12 years we have successfully redeveloped and created many brand stories, giving new life and new direction to many businesses.

If you’re planning a rebrand or brand refresh, we should speak.