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Maximise the readership of your next annual report

Here are our tips to promote your corporate brand story and perhaps spark the interest of additional investors.

Promote your report online

  • Promote your annual report on your website homepage with a banner and a link to the report. A well-crafted report is useful all year long so consider promoting the report for longer than the announcement period.
  • Apply SEO tactics to help drive stakeholders to the report – such as keywords in your pages titles, meta descriptions and alt tags.
  • Add the ability to share the report via social networks.
  • Create a simple vanity URL for the annual report landing page, or your report microsite – make sure it’s memorable so that it can be easily promoted. If the URL is not simple people won’t remember it.

Promote on social media

Share highlights from the report in several posts using infographics and key information to help tell your corporate story.


Tweet over a period of time, not just when the annual report is released. Tweet about different parts of the report and the interesting stories that are featured in it.
Remember your Twitter messages are limited to the number of characters you can use and that includes URLs. So the importance of a brief URL also comes into play here.


Promote your report on your corporate page, as well as promoting the report in your status updates.


Feature photos and infographics from the report and promote them in your feed using specific stories. Again, share them over time.

YouTube or Vimeo:

Post your videos and link back to your report site in the description and, of course, use YouTube to host the videos you feature in your report.

Share your report internally

Don’t forget your internal stakeholders – employees need to hear the same messages that you send out to the marketplace. Feature the report prominently on your intranet or in your employee newsletter.

Announce your report with a media release

Have a media release ready for when your report is released. 

Deliver your message via email

Share key messages and a link to the report in an engaging branded email.  


We have been helping our clients promote print and online reports for many years, feel free to get in touch if you’d like help promoting your next report.

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