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Why strong branding is essential for your next event

You’ve put months of effort into planning your next big event.

Entertainment is booked, food trucks are ready, all you need now are people to attend.

The best way to engage your community, build excitement for your event and ensure people can’t wait to turn up is event branding and an effective marketing campaign.

Here are three ways to ensure your next event has a knockout brand campaign!

Create lifelong memories

Good event branding goes above and beyond shaping the overall experience for your audience.

It leaves them with lasting memories!

Anywhere your brand leaves its mark – from a simple ticket, to official merchandise – is an opportunity for your audience to associate the lasting memories they’re creating with your event.

an image of the Greater Dandenong Children's Festival event branding

Yes to real-life connections

After a rough couple of years, we understand that some members of the community might be reluctant to attend in-person events. But remember events highlight the important role of real-life connections.

In a 2018 study, 95% of marketers agreed that live events gave them great opportunities to create real human connections.

Your event will help connect your community and encourage them to reach out and grow.

And your strong branding campaign will build excitement and anticipation for your event and encourage everyone’s participation.

an image of Carols in Queens Park event branding

Let your audience know WHY they need to attend this event

It’s simple. The more effective your branding is, the better chance you have of persuading people to attend.

The key is to clearly communicate what the event is about.

Is it family friendly, inclusive, outdoor, with live music? If the branding is effective, audiences will gather all this information at a glance, and make a split-second decision to attend.

an image of the Summer in the Valley event branding

At Twelve Creative, we put our heart and soul into crafting unique event brands that resonate with your target market. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself.

an illustration of event branding material