Written by twelve

Why brand and identity is paramount in the financial services industry

You have a good name and reputation within the industry, you employ great people and your advice is second to none … but there are ten more firms out there doing the same thing. What makes you different?

Since the introduction of the ‘Future of Financial Advice’ or FoFA legislation that commenced on 1 July 2015, financial services firms have had to adapt and govern their operations to maintain legitimacy under the Corporations Act.

A further round of amendments introduced in March of this year further levelled the playing field between firms and the advice they give.

Your reputation obviously plays a huge part, but the way you look and communicate your brand is also a contributing factor in any decision-making process.

With that in mind, ask yourself this question: how healthy is my brand? What’s the first impression we’re giving? Are we communicating with our target audience in the right way, through the best channels? Are we moving with the times and connecting with a more techsavvy audience?

In a new world where all firms are highly regulated, how can a prospective client distinguish or make the choice of your firm over a competitor?

Perhaps it’s time your brand had a health check?