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When to post on social media: a guide for B2B users

Ever wondered why some of your social media posts get traction, and others don’t?

There are a number of factors that affect this, such as the content you’re posting, the brand you’re promoting, and the audience you’re speaking to. But did you know that timing can play a role?

When it comes to timing, there’s no definitive answer, so you should always be testing and measuring results to find what works best for your brand. But as a starting point, B2B brands should consider the following:

An infographic showing the best times to post to linkedin

Inbound marketing agency Fannit suggests early morning and after work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best times to post on LinkedIn.

An infographic showing the best times to post to twitter

B2B brands should focus on tweeting during the week, particularly on Wednesdays. Huffington Post suggests around noon and 5pm provide maximum retweets.

An infographic showing the best times to post to facebook

The beginning of the workday and early afternoon are good times to post to Facebook, with a focus on later in the week. Leading online influencer, Neil Patel, advises that any time between 9am and 7pm will always be better than content shared outside of that window.

An infographic showing the best times to post to instagram

While Instagram engagement is fairly steady, aim to post content during off-work hours, as users are generally less active during work hours. US marketing educators, MarketingProfs, recommends Monday as a great day to boost your engagement, specifically between 8 and 9am.

Rule of thumb

Finally, if these subtle nuances seem too complicated, remember this rule of thumb: B2B brands are likely to see higher engagement on weekdays, and content shared between 8am and 7pm is generally better than content shared outside those times.

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